Email Setup Guide

Android phones have gotten easier and easier to set up over the years. Depending on your specific make, model, and installed android version the walkthrough below may have some slight differences. The native Gmail app on your android device is capable of loading either Microsoft 365 Accounts or Exchange on Premise accounts.
Android Step 1

Step 1

Open your Settings application on your Android Device

Android Step 2

Step 2

Select Passwords & Accounts. This could also be labeled as Users & Accounts depending on your Android Device and Version installed.

Android Step 3

Step 3

Select Add Account

Android Step 4

Step 4

Select Exchange

Android Step 5

Step 5

Enter your Email address

Android Step 6

Step 6

Enter your account password and hit sign in. Please note if you have MFA enabled on your Microsoft account you will be required to authenticate using one of the methods enabled on your account. 

Android Step 7

Step 7

Select Accept to accept the permissions being requested

Android Step 8

Step 8

You are all done!